Xo, Alyssa G.

The Coastline Cares Project is a initiative born out of my own experiences with mental health struggles. Having faced the challenges firsthand, I discovered a getaway —a sanctuary where I could escape, breathe, and find clarity amid life's difficulties. Recognizing the transformative impact of such moments, I initiated the Coastline Cares Project to extend a helping hand to those facing similar battles.

In the  journey through the storms and rocky waters that life often presents, the project stands as a symbol of the peace that can be found on the shoreline. It serves as a dedicated space for individuals grappling with mental health and brain health issues, offering care and support to those who may find themselves at a point where life seems insurmountable. Coastline Cares is a beacon of hope, a community that understands the struggles and is committed to providing a lifeline for those who may feel they have nothing else to live for. In this space, there is not only empathy but an unwavering assurance that, even in the midst of adversity, there is a group that cares and believes in the possibility of healing and finding peace.

Coastline Cares Project


Couples are my bread and butter, my favorite types of sessions to the date. i love documenting your love and getting to celebrate your story together. couples sessions are between 1-2 hours in length and are ready within 2 weeks. 


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Intimate weddings are perfect for the brides and grooms who want to have an intimate time together with 10-30 guests and really prioritize the documentation of the family and having someone there to share the family experience. this is great for couples who only need 4-6 hours of coverage. your online album is done in 4 weeks and there is an additional add on for super 8 film, 35mm film or 120mm film. 

Intimate weddings


Wedding's are by far the most important day of your life, or second most important that deserves to be documented and captured to the best of the availability. my wedding packages come in 8 hour and 10 hour package including a second photographer and my largest package coming with super 8 film and 35mm film! 


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